Bodyguard movie promo launched by Salman Khan’s bodyguard.

Bodyguard movie Mumbai: Salman Khan’s upcoming movie “Bodyguard” theatrical promo is launched by his bodyguard Shera on Thursday.  It was a touching moment for Shera, who was dressed in uniform that employees of Personal Bodyguard Agency wear.

Shera told to the reporters “This is a very big honour that bhai (Salman) has given me by giving me an opportunity to release his film’s promo. I have been with bhai for 15 years now. I used to tell bhai that I can take a bullet for him. But the reality is that he protects his close ones so much that even he can take a bullet for them. He is the real life bodyguard.”

Bodyguard is romantic action film directed by Siddique and it is a remake of the director’s 2010 Malayalam movie of the same name. The film is being produced by Atul Agnihotri and is criticized to release on August 13th. Kareena Kapoor plays the female lead in it.

Salman said in an event that “I can trust him with everything – with money, girls, family and even my life. He is very trustworthy. Apart from guarding me, his duty has also been to go with every girl who has been in my life. I knew he will take good care of them wherever they go.”

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