Indian activist Anna Hazare starts a day long fast against corruption.

Anna Hazare Indian activist Anna Hazare has underway a day long fast against corruption and the government’s aggressive attack on a similar peaceful protest, tapping into prevalent anger at prime minister Manmohan Singh’s breakdown to control graft.

The 73-year-old Hazare, dressed in white, starts his fast on a stage at the memorial site of independence movement leader Mahatma Gandhi.

According to the reports, Hazare offers the government a deadline of August 15, Independence Day, to concur to their demands. From August 16, he said that he would start another fast and if the government does not listen I shall fast till I breathe my last.

Hundreds joined Anna Hazare’s hunger strike, support further pressure on the verdict Congress party, which has been broadly damned for dispatching hundreds of police with batons and tear gas at midnight on Saturday to disintegrate an anti-graft hunger strike by a yoga guru.

The government and activist Hazare have fight over basics similar to whether fresh law should cover the Prime Minister.

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