Baba Ramdev arrive Patanjali ashram after midnight police action.

Baba RamdevThe yoga icon Baba Ramdev was turned out from Delhi after midnight police action and scenes of aggression at the site of his hunger strike. Baba spent previous night in the protection of the Delhi Police and was flown out from the Palam airport this morning. He has been served an externment order and cannot enter Delhi, while he is free to travel somewhere else in the country.

According to the reports, the drama that ruined the midnight in the Ramlila Maidan a little after 1am extended when a large number of police personnel moved down at the protest venue where Ramdev was demanding instant action to bring back black money hide in foreign tax havens.

Baba Ramdev depicted last night’s happening at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan as the “darkest night of my life.” He said that “The police force 5000-10,000 in number, did not even spare the smallest children. Women and children were dragged and beaten up.”

Home secretary GK Pillai had kept that he was not arrested or detained, a point reverberated by Delhi Police Commissioner BK Gupta, who also rushed to the spot.

The government has defensible the late night expulsion of the Baba saying that he had despoiled permission granted for a yoga gathering. Senior minister Kapil Sibal said that Baba Ramdev had specified permission for a yoga camp for 5000 people although when over 50,000 people come down on the capital’s Ramlila ground, the government couldn’t allow law and order to be upset.

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