Allu Arjun’s movie Badrinath hit the screens today.

badrinath movie reviewAllu Arjun’s latest movie “Badrinath” has hit the screens with so many expectations due to its package and publicity. The action-packed movie stars are very well known Allu Arjun and Tamannah Bhatia.

The story of the film starts as Badri (Allu Arjun) is one of the disciples of Bheeshma (Prakash Raj), who is a guru of prehistoric martial arts. Badrinath grows up into a strong fighter under Bheeshma’s painstaking training. He will be appointed as the ‘kshetra palakudu’ (protector) of Badrinath temple.

Badri learns that Alakananda (Tamanna) is in big problem due to Sarkar (Kelly Dorjee). Alakananda leisurely recognize the greatness of Badrinath and turns a devotee. She also falls for Badri who doesn’t respond to her love.

On the other hand, Bheeshma decides to make Badri his successor by handing over the duty of Takshasila. And Alakananda’s true feelings towards him Badri gives her a word that he will aid her to visit Barinath temple once more as she has to do that to make her wish come true.

The magnum opus is directed by V.V Vinayak and the film is made with a giant budget on Geetha Arts banner with Allu Aravind as producer.

Badrinath would be visual spectacular with loads of graphics with Anand Sai’s art work and action episodes choreographed by Peter Haynes. Allu Arjun’s dances are hype to be the USP of Badrinath.

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