Priest movie review: Must watch nasty vampire film.

Priest movie The movie of the month “Priest” is a lot of concerning that, while it’s also about killing nasty vampire monsters and blowing things up and stuff. It unites the brooding outsider unwilling hero who must save a dusty world, the plot that made the Sergio Leone films of the ’60s so popular with the cruelty of blood-sucking movies like “Underworld.”

The storyline’s filled with religious elements that are superficial. Maybe the innovative Korean graphic novels by Min-Woo Hyung allowed for more in-depth discussions of religion, although at a scant 87 minutes there’s not much time to talk about anything in this film.

Director Scott Stewart condenses the religious elements to some prayers, a disgusting church hierarchy and a cross that doubles as a throwing star.

This film is also undergoes from the worst 3-D since “Avatar” generated the explosion of the gimmicky technology. There aren’t 5 minutes of footage that really advantage from the extra dimension not almost enough to warrant the extra cost. In the end, the film pulls from 2 popular genres, although the styles simply clash and burn.

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