104 protesters killed in Libyan revolution.

gaddafiAs per the latest news, more than 104 protesters were killed in fights with Libyan security forces in Benghazi on Saturday. The anti-government protests erupted on Wednesday.

An anonymous resident said, Snipers commandos have fired at protesters from a compound to which they had withdrawn, as per the reports of Reuters.

“Dozens were killed … not 15, dozens. We are in the midst of a massacre here,” a resident told the Reuters. The guy said he helped to take the victims to a local hospital.

The hospital was swamped and people were streaming to the capacity to donate blood. Reportedly, a spokesperson said, “Many of the dead and the injured are relatives of doctors here.” He adds, “They are crying and I keep telling them to please stand up and help us.”

The 5-day revolution in eastern Libya has been the utmost dispute to the 42-year rule of Colonel Gaddafi, who is the world’s longest serving ruler. The unrest has also interrupted the Internet and phone services in the country.

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