UFC 122: Yushin Okami defeated Nate Marquardt via unanimous-decision.

Nate Marquardt Vs Yushin OkamiThe short time serves up as the main episode for Saturday’s UFC 122 Nate Marquardt Vs Yushin Okami which took place Saturday at Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany, and aired on Spike TV.

UFC 122 middleweight candidate Yushin Okami didn’t closely bring the boom, but the tough Japanese beast did outmatch the extremely respected Nate Marquardt over the path of their 15-minute affair. In a clash, set to determine the next challenger to the UFC’s middleweight crown, Okami muffled Marquardt for three rounds via unanimous-decision.

The opening round saw Marquardt set up top position untimely after stuffing an Okami takedown effort. The benefit would be short-lived after Okami was talented to pull free from a Marquardt guillotine-choke effort and take his turn in the main position.

There was slight action on the floor, and Okami selected to go again to feet. On the way, he avoids Marquardt’s effort to finish the fight with a leg lock. After some concise interactions on the feet and in the clinch, Okami scored a late takedown that emerges to help him seal the round.

The 2nd round was evenly well-matched with each fighter looking to take the other to the sacking. Okami was determined to a sitting position temporarily, but neither was competent to work to an profitable position. An epidemic in the final seconds saw both fighters land vital strikes, though it seemed to favor Marquardt slightly, and it show the fight would be decided in the final edge.

With the struggle game proving a relative stalemate, Okami turned to his much-improved striking skills in the final edge, and the gamble paid off. Working a rigid poke, Okami cut Marquardt and grasp the momentum. Marquardt wouldn’t go away gently, and he stood and traded in the pocket while also mixing in a victorious takedown.

Though, Okami go off right back up and start again his punching pursuit. When the final bell sounded, Okami was awarded via unanimous-decision win, with scores of 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28.

“Nate is a great fighter,” Okami said. “I felt I merit it, and I’m ready to fight for the championship. I desire to fight Anderson for the championship, and I wish for to become the middleweight champion.”

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