Splatterhouse Xbox 360 & PS3 reviews of latest visual technique.

splatterhouseNew trailer has been released for the refurbish of Splatterhouse from publisher Namco Bandai, a game whose development has been anxious to say the least. It is on release on 23rdNov, 2010 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Splatterhouse developer BottleRocket was fired by Namco who handed the sovereignty to the game over to their Afro Samurai team. They are at the present finishing up work on the title.

The game has a latest visual technique but otherwise looks to be in keeping with what BottleRocket was going for. The temperament model for Rick and the enemies looks the same as well.

The game guarantee to offer a lot of stick and dismemberment, while allowing you to power Rick up with latest abilities via the energy left off of the enemies you kill. This trailer starts off in a very poetic manner, but ramps up with some latest gameplay footage in close closeness to the end.

Powered by Gamebryo engine, Splatterhouse follows college student Rick Taylor as he tries to rescue his girlfriend, Jennifer, who has vanished after entering the mysterious and run-down West Mansion. Confronted by horrific other-worldly living thing, Rick comes across a mystical sentient mask that promises to give him the power to find Jennifer.

Full of desperation and rage, Rick dons the “Mayan Terror Mask” and is transformed into a raging juggernaut; unleashing unadulterated aggression and destruction upon anything that stands in his way. Don’t miss this powerful game.

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