GTX 580 review: Presenting above 20% performance in comparison to GTX 480.

GTX 580The AMD recently launched 6xxx series card with the mainstream HD 6870 & 6850.AMD has subjugated the news segments for the last few weeks’ appreciation to the release of their most recent graphics cards made on the Northern Islands architecture.

The new GPUs from the red team were located in the mid-range market and executed very well for their price section and with in just a few weeks AMD will reveal their high-end Cayman series GPU, therefore taking further mindshare.

NVIDIA has not just been sitting indolently by and permitting AMD to lift the entire buzz. Just a few weeks ago, reports initiated to surface of an inexplicable graphics card from NVIDIA which was confirmed to leverage the full latent of the Fermi architecture, and will be the summoned as the GTX 580. The entire news on the subject was clean rumor, and many were not sure if this card was reality or short story.

In Q1 2010 when NVIDIA released the GeForce GTX 480, their most awful worries became realism. The high-end Fermi section was launched and was terribly upset and slaughtered over three small portions; those being loud noise levels, high-power utilization and a GPU that ran severely too hot.

And the final result has been hearing in the news segments for the last few weeks, the GeForce GTX 580. This product is more silent than the GTX 280/285/480. It is based on the 40nm fabrication knob, whilst presenting above 20% more performance in comparison to the mention GeForce GTX 480.

These two cards will go confronting each other with each other in both price and performance; at least that’s what we hope.

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