Crazy Taxi Xbox 360 game Review.

Crazy Taxi An announcement at E3 appears likely, as Microsoft typically make known new XBLA games there each year. They declared the release date of Crazy Taxi on 24th November.

There have been reports for some time now that Dreamcast games would be released on Xbox 360, including titles such as Jet Set Radio and Shenmue II.

Although we stock-still lack official confirmation on those titles, two more Dreamcast games rumored to be heading to Xbox 360 have been outed by Korea’s Game Ratings Board: Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure.

The listings were exposed by Siliconera (via Joystiq) further verify that we’ll likely soon be considering Dreamcast games show up on Xbox Live Arcade.

We’ve even seen new games be released the same day as Microsoft’s E3 press briefing, that may or may not happen this year, but don’t rule it out totally.

What does your wish list for Dreamcast games on Xbox Live Arcade look like? Now wait for the release of Crazy taxi.

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