CEP permitted to run cars with carry special passes during election.

cep haiti Polls opened early on Sunday in Haiti as this is their first vote since colossal earth quake and a scattering cholera epidemic; they cast their votes for president and other lawmakers.

The locals of Haiti gathered at polling centers surrounded by temporary protections that are being used as classrooms 10 months after January’s 7.0 scale earthquake smashed many of the city’s schools.

Voters have 3 ballots to fill in include a green to elect president and blue ballots for lawmakers and brown ballots to elect parliament.

But on today’s vote, many voters complained that they faced various problems because there name was missing on the voter rolls, so they were unable to vote in this election.

One voter told CNN, “My name is not present on the voter list. I cannot vote now. This has been done purposely by the electoral board”.

The supervisor at the post, Lamise Elmidor, said Haiti’s chief electoral body; the Conseil Electoral Provisoir altered the rules in this year’s election. Contrasting past years, voters were not allowed to cast their votes if their names are not present on the voting lists.

In the meantime, the rubble-strewn lanes of the capital Port-au-Prince were shrilly calm down as Haitian authorities’ enforced stern actions to make sure security keep in mind the past years hostility and accusations of fraud.

As said by CEP spokesman Richardson Dumel, only those drivers carry special passes from the CEP were permitted to run cars or motorcycles, today anywhere on Haiti’s roadways.

He added, Businesses are as well barred from selling alcohol, and gun licenses have been provisionally suspended until Monday.

Haiti, which has endured close to steady health and environmental crises, is in front of a mounting cholera epidemic affect virtually 70,000 people that many fears could further scare voters from the polls.

Election officials utter they have trained employees and cautiously arranged vote tabulation centers to make sure a smooth election, but 48 hours before the polls were planned to open, crowds of people waited in line Friday to get identification cards that would permit them to vote.

On the other hand, the United States ambassador to Haiti, Ken Merten, said previous week that the election procedure was on the right track.

He said 250,000 new voters were registered and over 11,000 voting locations have been identified in the 5th presidential election since the drop of the Duvalier dictatorship and the first since the shocking 7.0 magnitude earthquake in January.

Tensions have accumulated prior to the elections in which 18 candidates are running for the post of president. Seats are as well up for grips in the board and in the lower house of parliament.

Virtually all of the candidates have campaigned on comparable platforms, fighting corruption, creating jobs, and addressing a series of natural disasters that has left the Caribbean nation reeling and prompted many to urge for a postponement of Sunday’s vote.

According to electoral law, a candidate must win 50 percent of the vote or else the election goes to a second-round over spill an opportunity in such a packed field of candidates.

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