Battle Vs Chess review: Released with a variety of weapons, fighting techniques & combos.

Battle Vs Chess Battle Vs Chess on Xbox 360 has a likely release date on Tuesday 16 November 2010. It is few days left awaiting you can play Battle Vs Chess on your Xbox 360 in the USA. Manufacturer’s explanation, Developed by Gaijin Interactive, Battle Vs Chess aims to bring the classic into the modern age, without removing the important gameplay that has made it well-liked for centuries.

Recognizable chess pieces are brought to life, with players seeing the impressive results of their actions in their quest for domination of the board.

Traditional white and black armies have evolved into the powers of light with their brave knights in shining armour, or the wicked dark army of demons and beastly golems. Each piece is intricately animated and as players move them around the board they spiral into life prepared to wage war.

If a square is engaged by an enemy unit, they enter into a brutal clash that sees the opponent removed from the board in bloody struggle.

A different evolutionary element is the addition of the optional Action Mode. If selected, instead of entering a scripted animation when attacking, players challenge their opponent in a beat-‘em-up style showground.

Battle Vs Chess features with a variety of weapons, fighting techniques and combos, players must best their challenger in a fast-paced flurry of blows and unique moves adding a whole latest meaning to the phrase ‘check mate’.

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