Barack Obama warm welcomed in Delhi.

obama in delhiNew Delhi, Nov 8 (IANS) US President Barack Obama was specified a red carpet welcome Monday as he come in the Indian Parliament complex and mark its new guest book, the first guest to do so, before attend to MPs from the two houses.

Also in New Delhi, First Lady Michelle Obama travel around the National Crafts Museum, an everlasting collected works of 20,000 folk and tribal arts showcasing the most excellent artworks in Asia.

While Obama arrived at the covered entrance of Parliament House at around 5.30 pm, Vice President Hamid Ansari, Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh greeting him and walked him in the dome-shaped Central Hall.

As the personage entered the hall, waiting MPs and invited guests gave a standing prolonged applause to welcome the US president.

Obama mark the novel Golden Book, visitor’s book, kept for great guests visiting parliament. It was not immediately recognized what he wrote in the book. The 88-year-old red sandstone complex has been spruced up for the event and the whole heritage versatile dirt free up.

Mrs. Obama was joined by in excess of a dozen young girls, ranging in age from 10-13 years old, who are division of local non-governmental organizations that work with young girls from poor communities.

Many of the girls came from local slums in Delhi and some were orphans. The visit is part of the First Lady’s effort to connect youth around the world and tag along alike stops that she has made on foreign journey. When she arrived, the girls, wearing uniforms, greeted Mrs. Obama with a “Namaste,” a general salutation in India.

The museum’s director, Dr. Ruchira Ghose, directed the First Lady and the girls through the museum, pointing out some of the crafts and textiles as well as a hanging scroll and wooden animal figures.

The First Lady’s also congested at the museum’s marketplace, where every month special craftspeople from all over India show off their products and skills. Mrs. Obama’s staff said she was setting up to do some shopping. She examines vendors selling prints, scarves and leather bags.

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