The Great Khali in big boss season 4: Khali revealing his talent in palmistry.

Khali in Big BossIn Mumbai, big name the Great Khali is once again in news, but this time
not for his eating habits or for his huge size, but fascinatingly for
one more talent…the Great Khali has turned luck teller on the show!!
Astonished?? Well it’s factual!

On the episode of Bigg Boss 4, Khali was seen revealing his talent in
palmistry. He amazed the housemates by his talent. Inmates were
already amazed by his huge build and gentle mind, but now with luck
telling he wraps the hearts of many. Khali was seen doing palm reading
for Rahul Bhatt and Sameer Soni.

Khali is getting a VIP treatment, which is very rarely seen in Bigg
Boss. He has been provided with extra meal; Bigg Boss always pampers
him by providing him extra helpings of eggs and toasts. Thereafter,
Bigg Boss has also announced that Khali cannot be nominated by his
co-inmates. Bigg Boss is also planning to repair the bathroom to suit
the wants of Great Khali.

According to the sources, Khali is being paid about Rs 40 lakh per
week or approximately Rs 5 lakh each day he stays in the Bigg Boss
house, which makes him the highest paid Bigg Boss prisoner till date in
the the past of the accepted TV actuality Show in India.

While for other participants, the signing amount ranges from Rs 2 to
Rs 25 lakh depending on the fame, and then they are remunerated as well per
week they hang about living in the Bigg Boss house.

According to the episode, “Khali talked to other participants about
the incidents in their lives to see their palm. He predicted how
Sameer’s second marriage will bring in the required happiness and for
Rahul, how he will settle in Mumbai and will be loaded with money!”

Shweta Tiwari; Sakshi Pradhan; Ashmit Patel and the likes may have
brought several priceless controversies to the hot and event show but
the entry of WWE wrestler the Great Khali has extra weight to the show factually so. Once all, not every day do we see a huge in his
normal person avatar under the 24 hour camera inspection?

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