UFC 117 Ricardo Almeida Vs Matt Hughes big to face small!

Ricardo Almeida Vs Matt Hughes A good fight of UFC 117: Silva vs. Sonnen is the match Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Hughes. This match will be conducted at the Oracle Arena in Oakland of California. This match will be held on August 07, 2010 Saturday.

The fight Ricardo Almeida vs. Matt Hughes will is a good one as both the fighters are very good in wrestling and also in many other martial arts. This fight will be of great importance and this match will be attracting a lot of fans.

As this is the main fight the cost of the tickets will be very high than the usual rates of the main card fights and even though the cost is high this match will be having a lot of viewers.

On one hand is Ricardo Almeida who is a Brazilian American mixed martial arts fighter who is also known by the name Big Dog. He is having 3rd degree black belt in BJJ and is also having Good MMA records of 12 wins from 15 fights.

At the same time on the other hand is Matt Hughes who is a American professional mixed martial arts fighter from America who is ranked in NCAA Division I Wrestling. He is having well experienced MMA records of 44 wins from 51 fights.

A lot of predictions by a lot of websites have been made on this fight and as usual the average of all predictions is prepared and so the winner of the predictions for this fight is supporting Matt Hughes who is having more or better MMA records.

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