Mumbai Oil Spill persists sinking fuel & 300 containers fallen into the water.

Mumbai Oil SpillThe Mumbai oil spill persists to aggravate as the ship carrying fuel is sinking and over 300 containers shipping oil have already fallen into the water.

The two Panamanian cargo ships, that are MSC Chitra and MV Khalijia-111, crashed on Saturday, August 7 off the Mumbai coast as the quick spreading oil spill that is posing giant environmental hazard.

The Commandant (Operations), Coast Guard Arun Singh said that “MSC Chitra has tilted 80 degrees and the total oil spill is nearly 50 tonnes”, adding that 300 containers carrying oil have fallen into the water until now.

While the Navy and the coast guard continuous the anti-pollution operations for the 3rd day to neutralize the oil spill, the executive are yet to locate the leakage.

A Coast Guard official said that “Traffic has been suspended as the containers are still sighted floating into the channel thus making navigation hazardous. Chitra is said to have been carrying about 1,200 containers with over 266 tonnes of fuel. Fishing has also been suspended until the spill is contained.

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