Samta Kumari: Country’s 5th woman train driver.

Samta KumariThe 22-year-old, Samta Kumari who is in Lucknow 1st and country’s 5th, woman train driver. She started her maiden experienced run from Lucknow-Gonda Passenger (train No. 592) on Wednesday.

She fumbled thrice to get the date of her father’s death right. She said that “I decided to become a train driver so that I can pave way for other women to enter this male-dominated service berozgari (unemployment) Aajkal naukari milna mushkil hai (it’s difficult to find jobs these days)”. It was not her long-cherished dream to be a train driver. But now since she is there, she would do it with “full sincerity and obligation”.

The woman is railway’s significance from Bihar. Hailing from Patna, she is 3rd among her 4 sisters and a brother. Though her father was a railway employee and deceased in 2005, she denied her staffing came on a compensatory ground. She said that “I am a RRB recruit.

Kumari got selected by Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) Gorakhpur in January, 2010. She experienced the necessary 148-day training like all other train driver into trouble-shooting, signalling and interlocking.

Railways have been thoughtful to its women drivers. In this case, DRM said that “We have allocated her a passenger train to begin with”. She had done her duty perfectly in her first day of job. But Samta will get to run it later given the fact that at begin of her career, running a goods train, which might have variable running schedules, could have been difficult for the woman.

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