Linda Dolloff’s Attorney asks a judge a new trial & no sensibly found Dolloff guilty.

Linda DolloffAn attorney for Linda Dolloff, the Standish woman convicted of trying to kill her husband, has filed an action asking a judge to reverse the judgment or allow a fresh trial. A jury convicted Dolloff in May of tried to murder, eminent aggravated stabbing and filing a false police report.

A Prosecutor said that Dolloff hit her husband with a baseball bat, shot herself to make it look like a home assault and called police with a fabricated story. Dolloff’s lawyer, Dan Lilley, said that the scientific proof, which included DNA from a strange person, should have resulted in the jury finding her not blameworthy.

The one program included interviews with Dolloff, who strongly and sometimes emotionally denied she is even able of trying to hit someone to death.

An attorney Lilley said that “They went array; They just went off course, lost their focus somewhere; I’m not sure how, but I feel so strongly about the case I think we have a better chance of getting this overturned than any other case I’ve had in the 40 years of my practice”.

Lilley also said that going against a jury judgment would be a tricky decision for a judge to make, but he said in his motion that he believes no sensible juror could have sensibly found Dolloff blameworthy.

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