Kingdom Of Dreams set to open in Gurgaon on Saturday presenting with pictures of True India.

Kingdom Of DreamsThe Great India Nautanki Company Pvt. Ltd has finally opened the 1st section of their mega project Kingdom of Dreams in Gurgaon, NCR. The Great India Nataki Company is putting together a multiplex entertainment and cultural occasion in Haryana that would show the proper culture and endowment of Indian entertainers. The whole event is actually divided into 3 parts and the 1st part is going to be shown in September.

The event is going to be the prime live entertainment event in the history of the country. The total area that the company has occupied for the project is nine acres.

The company said that they rented the land from the Haryana authorities on a long lease. The event is going to be held in a sky-dome and the service for the guests would like the best type of VIP service imaginable.

The entertainment segment of the event would be featuring Indian Cinema themed performances and there are going to be artists performing in the occasion from all states of India, presenting their own cultural tradition on stage.

Despite the entertainment segment of the event there is going to be cultural exhibitions from 14 states of India. These exhibitions would comprise arts and crafts and other things associated to the cultures of India.

The director of Kingdom of Dreams said that “The idea was to create a place which could be a one-stop shop experience of India a tourist destination, a place for a family to spend the day or even for friends to come by and soak in some culture, we want to make this the final stop in leisure entertainment”.

The place has been designed by Saawariya and Black famed designer Omung Kumar. It is Rs 200 cr project and will have a theatre which will play host to the first ever Bollywood musical.   The main purpose of the Culture Gully at Kingdom of Dreams is to explain the world the true face of India as an advancing and shifting country.

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