Charles Sobhraj expected verdict postponed by the Nepal Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Charles SobhrajThe much predictable judgment on the fate of Charles Sobhraj, 65, charged of murdering an American backpacker in 1975, was postponed by the Nepal Supreme Court on Wednesday till July 30. Justices Ram Kumar Prasad Shah and Gauri Dhakal stated that they needed extra time to confirm documents presented by action as well replies submitted by hraj’s counsels.

The two judges of Nepal’s Supreme Court hearing his appeal against the 20 year life term hit on him in 2004 sought additional time to articulate their judgment, saying they had not been capable to sift during the written arguments and accompanying documents tabled by the hearing as well as Sobhraj’s lawyers.

Subsequently his arrest in Kathmandu in 2003, Sobhraj has been in jail after an assessment court held him responsible of murdering Connie Jo Bronzich in Nepal in 1975 and sentenced him to 20 years imprisonment.

The ‘Bikini Killer’ Sobhraj due to almost dozen murders supposedly committed across Asia in the 70s maintains that he had not visited Nepal earlier to 2003 and appealed in SC against the lower court verdict.

The wife of Sobhraj Nihita said after the court announced the decision, “It was disappointing that the verdict had to be postponed. But we have to be hopeful”. Sobhraj’s advocate Shakuntala Thapa and hearing counsel Bishwalal Shrestha hoped that the ultimate verdict would be announced on July 30.

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